CSI Vegas Investigators and True Stories

CSI Vegas the CBS tv show is full of stories of Murder, Suicides and Deaths committed around the Las Vegas Strip and the City of Las Vegas. However, do these stories always come out of the head of TV Writers. Its hard to say especially when there is so many great CSI Vegas stories that seem to be the birthplace of many CSI Episodes.  

So lets check if you can pick out the CSI Las Vegas Episodes from real stories of the Las Vegas CSI department.

1) A Casino CEO goes to work. Back in his condo his 23 year old mistress mysteriously dies from unknown reasons. The family of the girl cannot seem to get the true story.

2) A former mayor of Las Vegas is shot at a mafia museum.

3) Desire drives a murder and destroys five peoples lives when two of them discover a bag of old casino chips worth $1,000 each

4) A weekend gambler from Washington State lends money to friend gambler. The “friend” kills the violently kills the man after inviting him to his hotel room.

So what is the answer? Scroll down to see the answers.


Welcome to Sin City Vegas



1) Is a true CSI VEGAS story from the book Vegas Strip Deaths 

2) Is a CSI Vegas Episode

3) Is a CSI Vegas Episode

4) Is a true CSI VEGAS story from the book Vegas Strip Deaths 

How many did you get right. It was tough especially if you are not a fan of the show.

Written by Jeff Terrozas